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Fresno, CA - Glass Recycling & Disposal Centers


Skees Recycling Inc

4638 E Thomas Ave, Fresno, CA 93702
(559) 255-5690

Buy Back Inc

1439 S Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA 93702
(559) 706-2096

Fresno Recycling

1701 S Orange Ave, Fresno, CA 93702
(559) 264-6303

Western Video

4504 E Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93702
(559) 313-5309

Kyles Recycling

2217 E Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93701
(559) 977-3789

Bulldog Recycling

3232 E Ventura Ave, Fresno, CA 93702
(559) 647-1930

Tips & Facts for Glass Recycling & Disposal

Stained Glass Recycling

Glass recycling is one of the processes which need to be concerned as glass is one of the largest components used in household and industrial. There are a few types of glass which can be recycled including stained glass. Stained glass is not the type of glass which can be compatible with recyclable common glass […]

How to Make Recycled Glass Countertops

Glass recycling is very simple and beneficial process as glass is one of the materials which can be recycled easily. It can be applied to produce as useful products for using in household. There are some creativity ideas to apply those used glass especially used glass bottle. Used glass bottle can be made into the […]

The Effect of Glass Recycling with Environment

Glass recycling is kind of very useful recycle process. To make glass recycling, you can make it fully because whole glass is recyclable. As you can see, glass is a main component to make container of many products we use in daily life. Glass containers usually come in colors such as green, blue and or […]

Tips of Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling is one of the most useful recycling processes. Our landfill will be helped to extend its life efficiently by glass recycling as glass is a large component of household industrial waste. As you can see, glass is used to make the package of many products and to create uncountable items such as light […]

Benefit of Glass Recycling

· Glass recycling helps minimize greenhouse gases Glass recycling helps save materials and energy that are used in the production process such as oil, gas, coal, mining, harvesting, and manufacturing; they produce greenhouse. Making new glass from recycled material requires only 40% of the energy to make glass from sand. · Glass recycling also helps […]